WWF-Malaysia, together with partners Association of Wedding Professionals Malaysia (AWP) and Shark Savers Malaysia (SSMY), announced their consumer engagement on shark-fin consumption reduction through the “Wedding without Fins Project.” The objective of this project is to encourage the wedding industry to be stewards and inspire wedding couples to go fin-free at their wedding ceremonies.  

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WWF- Malaysia urges restaurants, retailers and hotels to adopt a dining policy by removing shark fins from menus or substitute it with alternative ingredients. Businesses plays a role in shifting the market demand by reducing the availability of shark fins in their businesses.  

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The State of the Auspicious Soup

For many generations, it has been considered a delicacy, sometimes known as 'the auspicious soup', and is a symbol of luxury, hence its immense popularity during special occasions, in particular weddings.

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Conserving Sharks 

Find our more about WWF Global Shark and Ray Initiative in striving to restore the balance between humans and sharks. 

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Save Our Seafood

Already fin-free? How about joining the sustainable seafood movement to ensure that our future generations will still be able to feed from the sea.

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